“Stories and Studies about the New Space Race”


This podcast cover is part of a larger project that I will hopefully be sharing over on my personal site before too long. I am conceptualizing and branding a fictional aerospace, space-exploration company called Emerge Astronautics. This podcast is a part of Emerge’s consumer-outreach strategy; seeking to put a friendlier, more inviting face on space. You can follow along on dribbble for sneak peaks as the project develops.


I wanted to come up with a concept for a podcast that I would want to listen to and design it in an interesting, different style for the genre. I went out of my comfort zone with the color/gradients and mood to try to create something expressive and fun. Space is amazing, but isn’t always a subject that folks find all that interesting. I wanted to portray it in a way that would grab attention and engage with people. Black Yonder is a play on the phrase “Off into the wild blue yonder”. Like the oceans and skies before it, space is a new, exciting frontier for us to explore and enjoy. It’s a challenge, an adventure and an opportunity.


With the name Black Yonder, the initial impulse was to make black the primary color for the cover design. But a dark, bland color scheme wouldn’t send the right message that Emerge is trying to send about outer space. This cover art needed colors excitement. I created a three-color gradient for the background and set friendly font in bright white to really “pop”. I know that all my designer friends hate the word “pop”; I apologize for nothing.

I used an exaggerated shadow effect to bring a fun, vintage feel to the cover. A colorized image of space was used in the shape of shadow and bottom bar because well, it’s a podcast about space. Not everything has to be complicated.

The sponsor branding was intentionally de-emphasized to allow the title and catchphrase to dominate the composition. The most important things are clearly legible even at very small sizes, while the smaller text may only become apparent in larger versions of the cover art.

The cover design brings personality and excitement that are often lacking from science-related shows.