Ask Anything is one of the two podcasts that are available exclusively to members of the Listen Money Matters Community. As I mentioned in my Rich Tips writeup, working of these podcast covers was a really exciting opportunity. This show features both Andrew and Laura Fiebert discussing and answering various personal finance questions. Topics range from straight-forward, math-based questions to big-picture financial philosophizing.


We know that all listeners will already be a part of the LMM Community so we can afford to forego any direct mention of money or finances in the cover art. Instead, I decided to feature candid photos of the two hosts to fit with the more relaxed and relational feel of the show. I also wanted to create a connection between this cover and the Rich Tips cover.


At my request, Andrew and Laura supplied a handful of hi-resolution photos to work with. I eventually selected two images based on quality, lighting and mood. It took a bit of photoshop work to isolate the images from their original backgrounds, correct some white balance, clarity and lighting issues and make the two photos really feel cohesive; like they belong together. This is a very important step and if it’s not done correctly the result can be pretty jarring to the viewer. Finally, I stylized the design with a cityscape background to hint at the setting of the show and some subtle textures to fit with the personality of the show and supply some more visual depth. The text and banners were designed to make a visual connection with the Rich Tips art while remaining clearly legible, even at small sizes.


The final piece is imbued with the brazen, unpretentious and charm of the show. The hosts are introduced and a glimpse of their personalities shows through. The color that we agreed upon matches one of the accent colors used throughout the Listen Money Matter website and is very bright and eye-catching while providing plenty of contrast. The design communicates well at large and small sizes and fits naturally within the greater Listen Money Matters brand.


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