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You may have noticed that it’s been pretty quiet here on the blog ever since my post on my goals for 2017. In that post, I mentioned that I may reassess my writing regimen if I felt it was interfering with my primary goal of increasing the amount of projects in my portfolio. As you’ve probably gathered, that happened. And it happen much more quickly than I anticipated.

I am shifting my focus even further away from writing and more towards producing design work. Until further notice, I will not be holding myself to a specific writing schedule. I still reserve to write when inspiration strikes or I have something special to share, of course.

I want to build a larger body of design work and improve my skill set. And if this is to remain an enjoyable, stress-free, part-time side project I need to be very selective with how I spend my time.

You can keep up with my work here, on my personal website or over on dribbble. If you haven’t seen my first podcast client project of the year, check out the case-study for Firearms Nation.

Author: Zach Magnuson

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