New Work: Black Yonder

Check out my new portfolio piece, the cover art of a fictitious podcast about space called Black Yonder. With so many exciting space-related developments in the news and on the horizon, I was inspired to start new project. I had a lot of fun with this design and would love to hear what you think about it. You…

Posted by Zach Magnuson in Business / April 24, 2017


You may have noticed that it’s been pretty quiet here on the blog ever since my post on my goals for 2017. In that post, I mentioned that I may reassess my writing regimen if I felt it was interfering with my primary goal of increasing the amount of projects in my portfolio. As you’ve…

Posted by Zach Magnuson in Uncategorized / March 6, 2017

Changes in 2017

I’m been trying to take some of my own medicine and sincerely evaluate the past year of I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been a fun exercise. The good news I have been able to publish blog posts on a weekly basis all year. I’ve gotten better and faster at writing. I’ve started a knowledgebase for podcasters and…

Posted by Zach Magnuson in Mindset / January 10, 2017

Prepare Your Podcast for Success in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! With the Holidays behind us, now is the perfect time to start greasing the wheels of 2017. If you play your cards right, you can set yourself and your podcast up for success in the coming year.

Posted by Zach Magnuson in For Podcasters / January 2, 2017

How Long Should My Podcast Be?

If you’re starting a new podcast, it’s hard to get a concrete answer to this question. Here’s some specific advice about how long to make your podcast.

Posted by Zach Magnuson in For Podcasters / December 19, 2016

Four Ingredients of a Great Podcast

In this post I will cover four of the most important ingredients a great podcast. Quality, focus, consistency and respect are key to a successful podcast.

Posted by Zach Magnuson in For Podcasters / November 28, 2016

What I’m Listening to: Radical Personal Finance

In this series, I feature podcasts that I personally listen to and recommend. Every show that I write about here has added value to my life in some way. I will give an overview of the podcast itself as well as a critique of the cover art. This week: Radical Personal Finance

Posted by Zach Magnuson in Reviews / November 21, 2016

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